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Medical - Clinic at CASIE

Medical examinations are offered to children who have been a victim of alleged sexual abuse. The CASIE Center staff will work with DCS Family Case Managers and/or Law Enforcement Detective to ensure a medical exam is completed if necessary. 

If a medical exam is needed immediately, arrangements can be made to have a child seen right away at one of our local hospitals. If a child does not need to be seen immediately, he or she can be seen for medical exam at our Clinic at CASIE, located right here at The CASIE Center. The appointment will typically be scheduled for a future date and will not be immediately following the forensic interview. Exams completed at The Clinic at CASIE are conducted by specially trained nurses from St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. Exams completed at either The Clinic at CASIE or the hospital, are free of charge and are not billed to the family's insurance. 

A medical check-up is recommended for any child or adolescent who has been a victim of alleged sexual abuse. No matter the time frame of the abuse. It is (1) to make sure your child's body is healthy (2) to answer any questions that you or your child may have (3) to assist the Department of Child Services and/or Law Enforcement in their investigation (4) to check for sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy if indicated.


The medical exam is similar to any complete check-up at the doctor's office. The medical professional starts the check-up at your child's head and works down to the toes, paying special attention to the private area. (An internal pelvic exam is not usually performed on the child, however, if indicated, it may be performed on an adolescent patient). 


Anticipate the appointment to take 1 to 2 hours to gather information and the exam.


Information to Let the Medical Director and Medical Staff Know:
  • Your child is on antibiotics. Antibiotics can change the outcome of cultures that are taken. It is best not to be on antibiotics at the time of the check-up.

  • If your daughter is menstruating at the time of the scheduled examination, please call to reschedule the appointment.


What Happens at the Clinic:
  • Your child will play in the front room while the staff meets with the parent/guardian to obtain information.  Note: a biological parent or legal guardian must be present to sign and consent to the medical evaluation. 

  • A medical staff person will meet your child and conduct the exam. In most cases the parent/guardian is not in the examination room with the child. This will be discussed with you at the time of the appointment.

  • Our nurses are trained to provide exams in a manner that is sensitive to past trauma and allows the child to be in control of the exam.

  • The medical staff will explain the findings of the exam with you privately. The medical staff will respond to your questions at this time. 

  • You will receive school or work excuses if needed.


What to Tell Your Child:
  • He/She is going to see a nurse who will be checking them from head to toe to make sure they are okay.

  • Your child is not going to get immunizations or shots (a common fear of children who think about going to a medical appointment.)

  • Everything the medical staff needs to do will be explained to your child before anything is done during the examination.

  • We want you and your child to understand the medical staff is here to help, not to hurt or frighten.


Helpful Hints:
  • Hungry and tried children get frustrated easily. Be sure they have had a chance to eat and rest.

  • The medical staff will rely on your positive attitude, help and encouragement to allow the examination to go smoothly. If you have questions or concerns before the time and date of the child' exam, do not hesitate to call.

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